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Go-Getter Lifestyle Bundle

True wealth comes when you maintain good health!

Live well into the future, knowing that you have invested in your health. Rise above health setbacks and carry on enjoying life because you got covered.

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Young Couple Expecting
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Major Critical Illness Benefits - Claim up to 3x for any of the 42 major critical illnesses, to help aid in your recovery.

Major critical illness benefit - We provide a cash benefit if you are diagnosed with any of the 15 minor critical illnesses, to help you with smaller medical expenses, which can still be a financial burden.

Additional death benefit - Get additional cash benefit upon death.

Flexible withdrawal benefit - Offers withdrawable funds whenever you need it, may it be for your child's education or continuing expenses, upon death.

Waiver of Premium benefit - We waive future premiums in case of total permanent disability or when diagnosed with any of the 42 critical illnesses.

You now have a reliable financial protection solution to combat health concerns with the Go-Getter Lifestyle Bundle. At only ₱2,262/month, get the best medical treatment possible at the right time so you can focus on being well again.

The Go-Getter Lifestyle Bundle is suitable for you if you consider providing for your family your main priority. You may have already established the ideal lifestyle for your family, but you are aware that this will be compromised if sickness strikes. You make sure that you are covered from multiple critical illnesses, and financially prepared for total or permanent disability, and death, to ease the financial burden of your loved ones.

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