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Set for Health

Let us worry about you and your family's health and protection while you focus on what matters most - you and your family. 

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Fight Plan

Cancer is one of the most common serious illnesses in the Philippines and one of the leading causes of death. Fight Plan gives you the confidence to fight your way out of costly cancer treatments, so you can focus on regaining your strength.

In fighting the Big C, let us take care of money matters so you can take care of what really matters – getting better and stronger. FWD stays with you and helps you pick yourself up even when life takes a downturn because you are covered from all types of cancer for 15 years at any stage.

If the cancer is at the early stage, FWD will give you 20% of the benefit amount with the remainder of the benefit still available to you should the cancer progress or you are diagnosed with another cancer.

If the cancer has progressed beyond the early, non-threatening stage, you will receive the full benefit amount, guaranteed.

Safety comes first



Gives cash benefit in case of death and additional cash benefit in case of death due to accident

Set for Health

Claim up to 3x - Finally! You've got a plan that doesn't just stop when you make a claim for critical illness. Set for Health allows you to claim up to 3x against major critical illnesses.

Future Premium Payments Waiver - If you get diagnosed with your first major critical illness, we're waiving future premium payments so you don't have to worry about paying for your plan during recovery and you can focus on what matters most—being well again.

100% Premium Payments Back - Set for Health rewards you with 100% of all your premium payments back if you don't claim for any major critical illness until the age of 75.

Additional 20% Plan Coverage - Set for Health also covers 15 minor critical illnesses. So, we're giving you 20% on top of your other benefits to help you with the smaller medical expenses.


100% of Your Coverage at Death - In case of death before age 75, we will look after your family by giving them 100% of your plan's coverage amount so they can be financially worry-free.

Flexible Payment Terms - Set for Health covers you up to age 75, with our flexible payment terms that give you the choice and convenience of 5-year, 10-year, or 20-year options.

Get 3x the protection you need against critical illness in just one plan!

Now more than ever, lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise! Give yourself the flexible protection you need with Set for Health plan. Have financial peace of mind with coverage for 42 major critical illnesses, and claim for up to three (3) times!

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