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Proactive Lifestyle Bundle

Many opportunities in life await you! By combining your Set for Life plan with SafetyPro and SurePro, seize your next great adventure with the ability to overcome risks. Get additional protection in case of death due to accident so your financial support to your loved ones continues.

Go for your goals knowing
you're fully covered!

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So... Whadt does it do?

Safety comes first  - Gives cash benefit in case of death and additional cash benefit in case of death due to accident.

Turns savings into investments -Strengthen financial independence by building  wealth through disciplined saving.

Waiver of premium benefit - We waive future premiums in case of total permanent disability  or when diagnosed with any of the 42 critical illnesses

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Beat the uncertainties of life's adventures and stand strong. Make sure you and your family have the financial protection no matter what with Proactive Lifestyle Bundle. For just ₱2,066/month, go after your goals with a sense of ease, knowing that you and your loved ones will be covered.

The Proactive Lifestyle Bundle is suitable for you if you are a young breadwinner. You are the highest earner in the family and you support your parents and siblings.


Get additional cash benefit upon death or terminal illness


Get additional cash benefit upon death, or diagnosis of a minor or major critical illness


Get additional cash benefit upon death due to accident

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