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Set for Life Lifestyle Bundles

Get a headstart in life with the right preparation. With Set for Life Lifestyle Bundles, add flexibility to your Set for Life plan with life, health, accident, and waiver of premium benefits, so you can focus on your career, family, and dreams!

  • Chase after your next exciting adventure with assurance knowing we've got you covered.

  • Get additional protection in case of death due to accident so your financial support to your loved ones continues.

  • For just ₱2,066/month, staying worry-free is easy

Proactive Lifestyle Bundle

Top View of Kids Playing
  • Invest on the greater things ahead to support your loved ones in fulfilling their dreams.

  • Get your family financially protected even when you're no longer around with funds to help them go on with living life to the fullest,

  • Get a head start to a more secure tomorrow at ₱2,095/month.

Future-Ready Lifestyle Bundle

On a Run
  • Receive additional protection against major critical illnesses.

  • Withdraw from your plan's investments to cover for your family's regular expenses.

  • It only takes ₱2,262/month to rise above health setbacks.

Go-Getter Lifestyle Bundle

Bowling Strike
  • Get 360° protection to face any challenge that comes your way, with all life, health, accident, and waiver of premium add-ons in one bundle.

  • Be empowered with the benefits of all add-ons, all yours at ₱2,349/month.

All-In Lifestyle Bundle

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